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ACAS Contact

Whether it comes with a ‘thud’ or ‘ping’,  HR and business owners’ know the dreaded sound of an ETI kicking off an employment tribunal claim hitting their doormat or inbox which will be closely followed by a long ‘sigggghhhh’

But what if the first time you get to hear about the claim is when what thuds or pings through is the  ET3 response request? What if you hadn’t seen any communication from ACAS about mandatory early conciliation because the email hadn’t reached as it should have being responsible for all things HR but instead, had fallen into an unmonitored email inbox orsent to some random person within your business?

Hopefully and particularly if you are a smaller business, employment tribunal claims of any kind rarely come across your desk. But in bigger businesses, and particularly with the current economic climate where people are being laid off left right and centre and looking everywhere for possible avenues for recompense, whether you are a small or large organisation my prediction is you can expect to receive more of them.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could ensure that any claims would always get to the right person so you could take immediate action and potentially save yourself the time, cost and general additional aggravation of receiving notice of claim some time after it has actually been kicked off?

Well, now there is a simple answer. Did you know that Acas maintains a list of contacts within large organisations so that conciliators will always be able to initiate the claim process with the contact right person?

Ensuring that ACAS has the right contact details avoids a conciliator inadvertently dealing with the wrong person – it’s not infrequent that ACAS contacts a line manager or someone who is completely impropriate to be dealing with a claim or even knowing the detail of it.

We understand that whilst this system was intended for employers with more than 1,000 employees,  Acas has said it will in practice accept contact details from any employer that wants to supply them.  So if you want to make sure that any employee claim issue contact from ACAS hits the right desk in your business submit the name of your central contact by emailing

We’re recommend that all our clients should do this. Unfortunately we anticipate an increase of tribunal claims as the economic impact of the pandemic starts to bite further as the JRS scheme winds down.

If a free consultation with one of our expert solicitors would help your business around any aspect of HR or employment law please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or

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