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World Kindness Day: Respect in the Workplace

Friday the 13th is commonly associated with bad luck and a well-known Eighties’ horror movie of the same name. However, there’s a positive spin to Friday the 13th this year as it coincides with World Kindness Day. It’s a good time to focus on ways in which we can bring joy into the lives of others, particularly at this grim time when the nation faces another coronavirus-related lockdown.

World Kindness Day urges individuals to carry out “random acts of kindness”. In the employment arena, this can be turned into an opportunity for creating greater respect in the workplace.

One positive act that is simple for any employee to do is to show gratitude and appreciation to their colleagues. It can be as simple as sending an email to a co-worker expressing thanks for some way in which they made your job easier. Gratitude is a powerful way to create connection with co-workers and strengthen relationships.  

For employers, the aim should be to create a culture where all staff feel comfortable and safe. Diversity, inclusion and equity are key to achieving this goal. It means having a workplace filled with individuals from different backgrounds in which everyone receives fair treatment and equal access to opportunities. It’s also important that staff are aware of the type of conduct that could be considered falls foul of these ideals or could be considered discriminatory.

Of course, having an Equal Opportunities policy that clearly sets out appropriate behaviours in the workplace is a key tool in fostering inclusion. Equally important is providing staff with regular training on equality and diversity, and on related topics such as unconscious bias, are useful in bringing the concept of inclusion and equity to life. The final step is ensuring that the principles in the policy and training are put into practice thereby creating a safe and positive environment for all staff.

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